My name is Anca Irina Lefter and I sign my creation as AIL.
Until the year of 2012 I used the name Little Artist for my paintings and leather designs.
People know me with my brand AIL of bags, accessories in leather and stage costumes and with my signature collection Ch2 Vinyls, specially created for David Guetta, Tara McDonald, Bill Patrick, Luciano and other friends.
I went to international fairs in Milan, Florence, Barcelona, Doha, Dubai, Almaty and London.
I love to work custom-made.
I am born in Tulcea Danube- Delta in a family of artists. My first painting lesson was when I was 2 years old in Children’s Palace in Tulcea with mister Vlahos as a teacher.

When I was 15, I decided to move alone to Bucharest to study mural arts in Tonitza High School in Bucharest, so I did.
My dream was to study drawing in Lorenzo Di Medici in Firenze but society was not ready to incurage artists back then so I decided to study Business Management and Masters in Business Negociations in Media Pro University and working in real- estates and sales in banks.

After six years, I decided to come back to arts, so I took everything I had and go to study in Barcelona – Spain in Institute of Design, Accessories design and then, after I got truly in love with leather to study in the same institution Leather Design and Leather School in Santa Croce – Florence -Italy.
I always painted and my focus was to create bags but my first love is painting.


I AM FIRST. This provocative leather collection is inspired by the mith of Lilith. This Is created specialy for you, to make you reveal  your true feminine power of love, with no restraints. Use it day and night inside and outside, over a simple outfit or on your naked body . Feel free like Lilith. She is a story, a dream for poets and painters since antiquity.She was the first wife for Adam in the Bible. She was the seductess, the Air Lady the Moon Goddess and Water Spirit. She has a dangerous feminine seductive power to make men fall in love. Is the personification of erotic dreams and inevitable truth. With her secret amulets can change sin into love. Say her name and the spell will vanish.